Waimānalo Health Center’s (WHC) aims to take an active role in the continuous advancement of health and wellness in our community through collaborative community based participatory research. Knowledge gathered through these collaborative research project provide opportunities for social change to improve community health and eliminate health inequalities.

Research Policies

Thank you for considering a research partnership with Waimānalo Health Center. Please review our research policies and procedures.

Conducting Research

The WHC will encourage and participate in only community based participatory research (CBPR) that promotes the health and well-being of the community it serves. All research, internal and external, involving the WHC staff and patients must be approved by the WHC Research Committee and by an internal review board prior to implementation at the WHC. The WHC Research Committee shall review and evaluate all research proposals on the basis of their scientific merit, adherence to State and Federal regulations, relevance to the WHC and relevance to the community. Findings from every approved research project involving WHC patients, personnel or data shall be disseminated to the WHC Research Committee and to the Waimānalo community prior to its release to the public.

Conducting Research Procedures

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Data Request of Research

Information submitted on the “Data Request” form shall be reviewed by the Research Committee for appropriateness, availability, time required to run date, and procedures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the date file. All requests for data shall be reviewed, retrieved and maintained in a manner consistent with HIPAA regulations.

Data Request of Research Procedures

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Dissemination of Research

Findings from every approved research study conducted through WHC shall be disseminate to the WHC Research Committee and its research participants (as defined by the researcher or request by the Research Committee) prior to public viewing.

Dissemination of Research Procedures

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Tracking Research Proposals

All research proposals presented to the WHC Research Committee shall be tracked and an annual report created and presented to the WHC Board of Directors.

Tracking Research Proposals Procedures

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Research Proposal Review

All research proposals involving WHC staff and/or patients shall be reviewed by the WHC Research Committee and evaluated on the basis of scientific merit, protection of human subject, relevance to WHC and to the community.

Research Proposal Review Procedures

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Research Committee Review Sheet

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Research Partners

The Community Health Applied Research Network (CHARN) seeks to build capacity to conduct patient-centered outcome research to improve patient care at federally supported community health clinics. These clinics serve people who are significantly underrepresented in traditional health research, including those who are uninsured, poor, and members of racial and ethnic minority groups.