At Waimānalo Health Center, we take a comprehensive approach to ensuring quality care is provided to all patients. WHC’s Compliance and Quality Department promotes and protects the privacy, health, safety and well-being of all patients. Quality and Compliance can be defined as doing the right thing every time. Our focus is on the patient by meeting or exceeding patient expectations. Much of the work we do focuses on processes within our health center and we work with other departments to identify strategies to improve the processes. We use data to define improvement or as a reference point. Our goal is to help the health center fulfill its responsibility for patients in an ethical environment that is compliant with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

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Featured Patient: Renee Kama

Waimānalo Health Center doctors and staff know her as a hard-working, community-minded board member but to her three daughters, Renee is super woman and mom-in-charge. WHC has been their family healthcare home since before Renee can remember, and continues to help the Kama `ohana sustain their tradition of health and well-being. READ MORE