Dental Services

Welcome to Waimānalo Health Center’s Dental Services, or Kī. We specialize in comprehensive preventive, restorative, and emergency dental care. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized, affordable, quality dental services. Our goal is to improve your smile by maintaining your total dental health.


Preventing dental problems is the foundation for good oral health. Our services help prevent the beginning or progression of oral disease. Kī provides cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and home care instructions.


Restorative services are used to repair the function and integrity of teeth that lose its structure due to cavities or external trauma. We provide fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and denture repair.

Treatment of Disease

Treatment of oral disease is crucial with developing keiki and adults. Keiki are provided examinations and preventive care to help decrease the rate of cavities. Should your keiki require treatment, they will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Complex cases will be referred to our network of specialists. The most frequent type of oral disease in adults is periodontal disease – inflammation and infection of the gums. Periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss and may be linked to other diseases such as stroke, bacterial pneumonia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and increased risk during pregnancy. The Kī Clinic offers periodontal cleanings (plaque and tartar removal) and root canals.

Emergency Dental Care

Prompt treatment of dental emergencies is required to alleviate pain and ensure your teeth have the best possible chance of survival. The most frequent dental emergencies are toothache, cracked or knocked-out teeth, and damaged fillings or crowns. It’s very important to make an appointment right away. The pain caused by untreated dental emergencies can seriously jeopardize physical health.