Waimānalo Health Center Recognized for Improving Blood Pressure Rates


Target BP Award - Gold Recognition
Waimānalo Health Center received the 2018 Target BP Award - Gold Recognition from the American Heart Association and American Medical Association.  There are two levels of recognition: Participation Status and Gold Status (the highest). Three other health systems from Hawai`i received the same distinction - Wai`anae Professional Pharmacy, Hawai`i Medical Service Association, and Castle Medical Center.

Gold Status
Physician practices and Health Systems who showed exceptional 70% or greater blood pressure control rate throughout their adult patient population. Waimānalo Health Center improved its blood pressure control measure from 67% in 2016, to 72% in 2017.

WHC is one of 802 physician practices and health systems nationwide recognized as a leader in the national effort to get people’s blood pressure under control and reduce the number of Americans who have heart attacks and strokes each year.

Waimānalo Health Center’s SMBP (Self-Monitoring of Blood Pressure) program provides eligible patients education on use of blood pressure monitors and opens up the opportunities for patients who could not afford the full cost of the blood pressure monitor at retail stores.  Our staff also completed the BP competencies/trainings and activities to improve their skills and ensure proper BP measurements.

Please contact Nadine Owen, Director of Quality Improvement, at (808) 259-7948 with any questions or feedback. Mahalo.

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